Video Viral Inc. owns TripleVMusic App.  Nine years ago, was started to help musicians go viral bringing their image and sound worldwide.  Video Viral Inc. is one of the only music marketing firms you will find with an “A+” Rating from the Better Business Bureau. With such great success, VVV (VideoViralViews) grew to represent over 4,000 musicians from indies to the majors.  Video Viral Inc. is an ISRC manager (International Standard Recording Code) and is a Nielsen Reporter.  With the knowledge and experience to always help their musicians stay current, VVV created the next generation of music marketing and promotions with the TripleVMusic App.

TripleVMusic App quickly became the #1 Rated Music Promotion and Music Marketing app on both iTunes and Google Play platforms.  With over 10,000 weekly voters in 36 countries, the TripleVMusic App is one of the hottest apps to appear on to increase music sales and gain new fans.  Currently, the TripleVMusic social media community has over 60,000 Followers!

Logically, TVM.Bio was the next step for VVV.  To answer the needs of so many social platforms and digital music distribution sites, every musician needs a “one-sheet”.  An one-sheet is a digital format that contain all the artist’s social media links, albums, singles, and distribution links in a glance.  TVM.Bio not only contains all this important artist’s information, but also analytics to inform the musician who and where are their fans otherwise known as smart links.

Update: Video Viral has since sold TVM.Bio to TVM.Bio Inc.

TVM.Bio is truly smart links for smart musicians!



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